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Has this day changed you?

“Day ends, and before sleep when the sky dies down, consider your altered state: has this day changed you? Are the corners sharper or rounded off? Did you live with death? Make decisions that quieted? Find one clear word that … Continue reading

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“Astonish. What’s its Latin root? Tonare: to Thunder. There is Thunder in astonishment.” ~ Sena Jeter Naslund, Ahab’s Wife. Or, The Star Gazer. Photo: Chicago, heavy rain storm Sunday 5/19/19

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Will never stop

My heartbeat quickens at the thought of birthing poems which is why I will never stop opening myself up to conceive them ~ rupi kaur Photo: sunrise, lake Michigan, Chicago, 4/25/19

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Yes, a long day…

One day, alone in the kitchen with my father, I let drop a few whines about the job. I gave him details, examples of what troubled me, yet although he listened intently, I saw no sympathy in his eyes. No … Continue reading

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For Dale, with love…

Dale, you were with me all day today! It’s finally the end of a long stormy snowing day, and I finally sat down and a dear writer, Victoria Erickson, shared these words by Emery Allen. And I dedicate them to … Continue reading

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First weekend off in months…

It is evening of another day, The end of the week And time for taking off ones shoes, Folding up the work week And slipping on Comfort and care for the heart, mind and body. Relax into no explanations Or … Continue reading

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Happy 182nd Birthday, Chicago!

@ 0°F, feels like negative 19°F with the wind. Converts to negative 30°C with the wind. Photo source: Alex Enriquez

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