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So Help me God.

I missed my morning walk to the lake! But, I had to be up very early to make it to Department of Homeland Security on time, And I walked out an American. The ceremony was beautiful and I didn’t think … Continue reading

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Don’t startle the birds…

Source: Ziggy Dragnev on Vimeo

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Dear Baby…

Dear Baby ( Since I don’t know your name yet, I hope you don’t mind me referring to you like this. ), This is the first letter I’m writing you. I once read that some traditional tribes sustain the belief … Continue reading

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“What is the world really made of, Daddy?

It just so happened this morning when I was opening the curtains and windows in the bedroom that I realized I haven’t heard them yet… The 12 years we’ve lived here a pair of mourning doves built a nest between … Continue reading

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Such is the longing…

“A room with a view, waiting for the words, waiting for Spring to flutter its wings in my chest. Such is the longing today.” ~ Lone Mørch @ Photo: Our cat, Purrsimmon, as in persimmon the fruit.

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Walls That Talk…

Two things inspired this. Looking at new apartments to move. Our youngest starts high school in the fall and we would like to make her commute a little easier and safer. Also, especially in the winter months, maybe she’ll be … Continue reading

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The beautiful young woman who makes my coffee at the one café near work asked, “What perfume do you have?”, with her womanly from the core of earth Ethiopian voice and lilt. “Which one? The one on me all over, … Continue reading

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