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Out of every 100

Out of a hundred people those who always know better— fifty-two doubting every step— nearly all the rest, glad to lend a handif it doesn’t take too long— as high as forty-nine, always goodbecause they can’t be otherwise— four, well … Continue reading

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What are you trying to tell me?

See this innocent face? She’s been one of us for five years. It’ll be five on March 15th. Our 15-year old daughter, Layla, wanted her. She was the one cat that chased after us at the shelter. Layla named her … Continue reading

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I am free of will.

  I like cutting the cucumber the knife slicing the darkness into almost transparent moons each with its own thin rim of night I like smashing the garlic with the flat of steel and peeling the sticky papery skin from … Continue reading

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Rub music and language together…

“Why do you bother write poems?” Is the question from the back of the room; I cannotQuite see the student asking it, but it’s deep-voicedAnd challenging and I assume it’s a guy. Because I want to rub music and language … Continue reading

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Dear Bridget…

  I can’t get you out of my mind. It was going to be just another day. Get everyone ready for their day, go to the gym, shower, prep for my upcoming exam, make it downtown by 1:00 pm to … Continue reading

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