Spirit Bird!

Like many others, I still have mixed feelings about drone photography. That is until I came across this photo by Jon Rohan from chicago!

Coming near a Swallow to photograph it in flight is near impossible. They’re so small and dart through the air at such high speeds, Master aerial feeders.

I’ve only seen the silhouette of a swallow in children’s books, when I was a child myself. This little bird with its forked tail.

First real sighting was here in chicago few summers ago. Sitting in the yard before sunset. Their song and flight pattern changes that time of the day. I joked that it looks and sounds like they’re calling their kids to come in before it gets dark. And after I researched it I found out that is exactly what they were doing.

And as I still have mixed feelings about drones, this photo is the closest I’ll ever come to one in flight.

Photo: By Jon Rohan of the Baha’i Temple of North America. The marina and area around it are a bird sanctuary.

Next tattoo inspiration? Maybe!

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22 Responses to Spirit Bird!

  1. Live & Learn says:

    Beautiful shot. That’s a swallow? It looks Giant!

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  2. Dale says:

    Drones have given us the opportunity of seeing things with a bird’s eye view. Used responsibly, (Gatwick, anyone?) There are scenes I would love to capture and know there is only one way I could do so – and since I can’t fly πŸ˜‰
    What a gorgeous picture and yes, it does look huge. Doesn’t even look like a swallow from this angle!
    Tattoo? Oh? πŸ˜‰

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  3. Lovely. Plain and simple…life in the skies where spirits keep souls aloft!

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  4. Writer Lori says:

    Lyric, joyous, unimpeded, magical…these are the words that spring to mind when I see this little bird in flight…

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  5. Kiki says:

    THIS is a heavy weight…. I feel tremendously torn apart over the drone question. Have already commented just about everywhere I see drone photos. You are totally right Sawsan; a beauty like this is literally unsurpassable BUT I feel that photographers worldwide are getting pushed into a corner as no human ever can go so high or so low to the ground or even underneath it to get close to take any pics like this.
    It’s a β€˜problem’ of the 21st century and not one we will find a satisfactory reply to in our lives. This tiny bird must have had a near heart-attack with a drone so close-by! They must have just about touched and I know β€˜who’ would have won!
    I also like your idea of a swallow tattoo – although again, I wouldn’t ever allow to get tattooed. But each to their own and a swallow is far better than a roaring lion πŸ™‚

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    • Sawsan says:

      Who said I’m allowed to have a tattoo?

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      • Kiki says:

        Well well….. surely as it’s your body you’ll decide in that?! NOT that I’d encourage you. I’d never dream of doing anything like that. It isn’t the place here to say that but I often am thinking of the ‘tattooed’ Jews although I’ve not even remotely been born at THAT time. It just seems not right (and also I wd be wayyyy too cowardly to get through the pain of a tattoo, child birth at least made some sense). πŸ˜€πŸ™‚

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      • Sawsan says:

        πŸ˜€ love across the ocean all the way to you Kiki…
        I’m half Jewish and I understand. But the Arabian half, all the older women, have tribal tattoos. On their chins, their foreheads, on the inside of their wrists. I never understood the tattoos. Not words, not numbers, only symbols. I’ll try to find pictures and send them to you.
        Also, there are physical tattoos, on the body. And there are mystical tattoos, in the soul.

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      • Kiki says:

        Now that LAST sentence I fully get and wholeheartedly agree with…. I know a bit about that bit myself. And if course you’re right about those other tats you ment…. Go in peace and have your swallow, out- or inside!!!! They’re lovely, lovely birds πŸ•Š

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