This wind chime inside my chest.

I can’t see it

but I can hear it.

This wind chime

made of seashells

hanging inside my chest.

at times,

to my Stillness

comes the wind of You.

And my chime song

is how I know of You

and of this wind chime

hanging inside my chest.

~ S.

Photo by unknown: Capiz shells wind chime.

Capiz shells are known for their translucency and durability. They’re also know as Windowpane shells. They’re found in muddy waters. They make the most delicate sounds in the wind.

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21 Responses to This wind chime inside my chest.

  1. Karen Lang says:

    Beautiful Sawsan. 🙂

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  2. Dale says:

    That was simply beautiful, my friend. 😘

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  3. Writer Lori says:

    Lovely, Sawsan. I can hear the tinkling….

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  4. roseanne333 says:

    Just beautiful….

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  5. Kiki says:

    They’re real? How wonderful, they’re transparent and delicate, natural and I can clearly hear them making their soft noise in my chest too….

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    • Sawsan says:

      Yes, they’re real Kiki. I have a chandelier of Capiz shells. And just ordered some shells to make earrings with, for me and to give away.

      Glad they’re dancing in your chest too, you made my day.

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  6. roninjax says:

    Beautiful thought. The chimes can be sweet music that brings comfort and joy within; and the shells have a special sound as if ringing out the life that once lived within. 🙂

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  7. aFrankAngle says:

    Hello Chicago … Cincinnati here via a Quebec lady (Dale). Congrats on being her latest Advent honoree. Welcome to the club. I’ve never thought about the feelings one can create as wind chimes within. A brilliant metaphor! Well done … Frank

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  8. Joy Pixley says:

    What a beautiful image, of wind chimes inside.

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  9. We could probably be friends. Quiet friends…who talk without words, and listen through and with our souls.

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  10. Resa says:

    I found my way here from Dale’s blog’s Advent Calendar.

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  11. Live & Learn says:

    Beautiful. Not sure how I missed this…

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