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“Do you believe in God?”Again?

Only a couple of weeks after running into this Gentleman I run into another one. Mid September, we finally get a break from the summer heat, finally a day with the air-conditioning off and the windows open. I’m leaving to … Continue reading

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“Do you believe in God?” 

I wouldn’t say he’s homeless. He is always nicely dressed and clean. I saw him a couple of times while driving home, near home actually. I have not seen him before. His family must have moved to the neighbor this … Continue reading

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Pluck the day. Like you pluck a Kiss!

‘Carpe diem’ doesn’t mean seize the day – it means something gentler and more sensible. ‘Carpe diem’ means pluck the day. Carpe, pluck. Seize the day would be ‘cape diem,’ if my school Latin serves … What Horace had in … Continue reading

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Life is too short to be polite!

I’m not overly polite. In fact, I’m not polite at all! No one ever felt like a stranger. And, Thank you for telling me about your life. ~ Sawsan Inspired by: “I wanted to ask you about your vision of … Continue reading

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