Chipped side to the front!

I eyed this planter for months, driving on Clark St. near Ridge here in Chicago.


Each time, I was in a rush to be somewhere.
And each time I drove by, it was still there, same spot.


The perfect color, perfect shape, perfect size.
Anyone that knows me knows well that I’m not a color person.

But about a year ago I was struck by the color lightning. Yes, the Gods of color finally got me, and it was only for certain greens and blues.

When I finally made it there to buy it, the lady said it’s $**, but since it’s chipped and (((no one wants it))) I’ll give it to you for $*,
turn it the other way and no one will see it!
It’s been delightful having it sitting on the kitchen counter, with the chipped side facing to the front, facing me.

Recently however someone has been turning it around to hide the chip, to hide the scar.
You can try and hide your scars from me all you want.
Take my word, I will find them.
Save my time & energy please.
Walk my way
chipped side to the front.


October 2015

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