The rest is up to YOU.


[Million and a half people ride the L trains everyday. Over the years I’ve written wills for about 8000 of them.
Sat with them as they combed through their assets.
Figured which kid gets the painting over the fire-place, which one gets the antique spoon collection. Last thanks, parting shocks, confessions, people try to fit it all in.
And, once I’ve finished, another life has been summed up. Assets and debts tallied and zeroed out. They initial here and there, and sign at the bottom. And if you are like most clients, you look up, smile, and ask the question I heard for 20 years;
“Is that it, then?”

“That’s it for the paper work” I tell them.
“The Rest is up to You”]

From the movie “Shall We Dance”
Chicago L train photo by Adam Alexander

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  1. Love the movie Shall We Dance…

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